Our vision is a world that sees all people; equally.

We’re building a more inclusive and accessible future.

Greater connection sparks renewed energy, driving broader curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation among the organisation. It’s how wider changes will be felt across internal teams, suppliers, partners and customers.

It’s where the magic happens.

Visual of KINSPACE wordmark floating up the page.

Challenge the familiar to strengthen human connection.

Who We Are

As workplace culture and learning specialists, we believe that to connect is to relate to the spaces of another; emotionally, mentally and physically.

A collective of change makers︎︎︎, we know a desire for the familiar shows complacent thinking. We believe in growing people and organisations into the best versions of themselves, changing the way they play the game.

It’s why we exist.

Building empathy rewires human connection, strengthening relationships and promoting respect. Creating space for a new reality, we leave people’s lives better than we found them, with bravery and purpose. Because it’s where expansion and momentum live.

Reimagine your reality︎

Venn diagram depicting the spaces we explore: 1. physical 2. mental 3. emotional equals the KINSPACE

What We Do

We humanise workplaces using interactive and immersive learning experiences︎︎︎ to build empathy, inclusion and respect.

Our people-first approach to behaviour change ignites cultural changes, turning theory into practice. Combining management consulting, human-centred learning design, interactive technologies, and specialist practitioners, we challenge the familiar, change behaviour, and forge healthy interactions within dynamic work environments.

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