Shaping new realities through interactive learning experiences.

What They Are

Interactive and immersive learning experiences are engaging real-life approaches to learning using guided social interactions.

Carefully designed and structured, they are facilitated activities to introduce novel concepts and develop practical skills for a more complete learning experience.

All our learning experiences are interactive, with some of them requiring your people to engage and interact with gamification through virtual simulation: augmented, 3D or VR experiences.

Learning Experiences

Immersive experiences using VR can boost the quality of learning and retention by up to 90 percent.

Source: Virtual Speech, Sophie Thompson, "VR for Corporate Training: Examples of VR already being used", updated July 26, 2019.

How They Benefit

By regularly using interactive gamified technologies to heighten learner experiences and intuition, knowledge retention and application is improved when compared with traditional methods.

Widely recognised as the future of workplace learning, interactive and immersive experiences fill the gaps left by traditional approaches. Described as the ultimate empathy tool, they are highly effective for improving self and social awareness, emotion management, responsible decision-making and relationship building. Learners are able to apply more advanced critical thinking and problem solving skills in real world scenarios in the workplace.


In a world of grey areas, perception is not black and white. Reimagine yours.


Explore the emotional, mental, and physical spaces with multi-sensory experiences, connecting the dots to change.


Use lived and simulated experiences to help your people to better relate to themselves and each other.

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