Intersectionality Specialist

Margherita Dall’Occo

Specialising in:

  1. Intersectionality and inclusion
  2. LGBTQIA+, disability, gender and youth advocacy
  3. Workplace culture and learning
  4. Facilitation and speaking engagements

With long-standing relationships and experiences within the advocacy, disability and organisational spaces, Margherita is passionate about accessibility, intersectionality and representative work.

Her involvement within this sector with organisations such as CCYDN (Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network), Children and Young People with Disability Australia and Women with Disabilities Australia, has harnessed her skills in representation, equity and equality, allowing her to see work through a variety of different lenses.

Currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Human Rights, Margherita also works and volunteers across a multitude of human rights issues. Her work is shaped by her passion for justice.

Margherita’s lived experience as a young person with a disability, and networks within the organisational space give her a new perspective on intersectionality and how it can be implemented in various strategies, training and capacity building programs.

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