Cultural Inclusion Strategist

Christine (Makumbe) Mudavanhu

Specialising in:

  1. Executive Leadership
  2. Cultural Diversity And Inclusion Strategy
  3. Psychologically Safe Workplaces
  4. Gamified & Immersive Learning

Christine is passionate about how we leverage the differences in our humanity, our cultures, experiences and backgrounds to grow and develop workplaces and communities.

As diversity and inclusion strategist, Christine works with organisations to create diverse and inclusive cultures to support a stronger sense of belonging and psychological safety. With a focus on equity to reduce the real barriers faced by diverse and underrepresented groups, Christine builds on existing practices and theory of storytelling. Combining this with empathy building, she examines the drivers for practical change.

Christine’s network includes Government, corporate and non-profit multicultural organisations such as Access Community Services, the Islamic Women of Australia Association (IWAA) Mercy Community Services; where she develops programs to leverage cultural diversity and building cultural capability to achieve gender equity for women in CALD communities.

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