Organisational Change Specialist

Kirsty Hagen

Specialising in:

  1. Strategic Leadership
  2. Organisational Change
  3. Personal Leadership & Well-being Coach
  4. Business Improvement

Kirsty is a dedicated Organisational Change Manager, Wellness and Leadership Coach with over 17 years experience delivering strategic leadership across business improvement, well-being, people and culture, customer experience and disruption management portfolios; across aviation, consulting and wellness industries throughout the APAC region, North America and Brazil.

She thrives in creating an environment that values well-being, trust, collaboration and flexibility, where teams have the freedom to take the initiative to deliver innovative solutions to challenges. 

Leveraging a supportive and integrity-based leadership approach, Kirsty understands team dynamics and delivers workplace cultures that value capability uplift and innovative thought leadership.

Kirsty holds qualifications in Leadership Development (Women), Organisational Change Management, Project Management and Mental Health Training.

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