Principal Advisor – Research, Data and Evaluation

Dominique De Andrade

Specialising in:

  1. Psychology and Human Behaviour
  2. Data Linkage and Analyses
  3. Psychological and Public Health Interventions

Phd in Criminology, a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology - (QUT)

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Criminology and Criminal Justice - (QU)

Dominique has dedicated her career to advocating for vulnerable populations through exploring the drivers of behaviour of those in high risk settings.

Through government and academic appointments, she has designed evidence-based best practice models, including development and evaluation of individual, organisational, and community-based interventions.

With extensive experience working across justice, mental health and public health data, Dominique links agency datasets to conduct comprehensive and sophisticated analyses that respond to pressing policy and practice issues in criminal justice, psychology and public health fields.

She is highly regarded for her unique data linkage expertise and high impact translational research, and has presented her publications on global stages.

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