Principal Advisor – Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

Dr Paul Manuell

Specialising in:

  1. Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
  2. Strategic Planning and Implementation
  3. Team Dynamics and Psychological Contracting
  4. Ethics and Governance
  5. Human Resource and Knowledge Management

Accredited in profiling:

  1. MBTI (Level I and II)
  2. EQ2 (Emotional Intelligence)
  3. Team Management Systems (TMS)

Dr Paul Manuell is experienced at harnessing the diversity of people within workplaces in cross-cultural and multi-generational environments. He worked for many years in the Northern Territory (NT), including roles of the Office of the Chief Minister and later the Commissioner for Public Employment (NT).

Paul has assisted numerous organisations (public and private sectors) to improve their overall performance through developing methods of learning while on the job. This has enabled people to develop personal mastery in their vocational fields benefitting their organisations primarily through action learning and action research.

Paul's skills develop a Systems Thinking insight to leadership and management. This brings the ability to adopt a perspective that not only focuses on the internal organisational environment, but also to assess the equally important external one. Paul has the ability to align units within organisations to improve systems and structures to achieve strategic goals.

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