Chief Content Officer

Andre Liyanage-Denney

Specialising in:

  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Brand Messaging
  3. Verbal Brand Identities

Andre firmly believes brand emerges from the inside out. Having previously run businesses, consulting workshops, and team meetings for nearly 10 years, he uses this knowledge to help businesses uncover and communicate theirs with confidence.

When he’s not directly writing content for KINSPACE, he’s busy as a freelancing wordsmith, assisting businesses to strategically articulate their message. Andre makes light work of heavy copy and content writing loads, helping brands connect with their audience and move them—to take action.

Stringing words and concepts together to construct distinct verbal identities he ensures the audience recognises brand personality, assisting clients to win over customers and build brand loyalty. A writer for all seasons, he works directly with clients and agencies to deliver strategic brand solutions.

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